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Peace Vovwe Idehen

Blogger extraordinaire

Hi and welcome to all about books. Thanks for popping in. I’m Vovwe, the girl behind the blog. I’m an accounting student, lover of books, interior design and dog mother to a one year old Lhasa apso named Dante.

I picked up my first real novel when I was 9 and I never looked back. This is a place to make new friends and discover new books and authors . I love everything romance from contemporary, fantasy and all that. 

I love reviewing books and I know how much reviews mean to authors. So if you’ll like me to review your book or host a giveaway read over send me an email with details of your book. I’m open to only books that contain romance.

If you’ll like to just chat with me or get to know me you can also send an email. I’m open to making new friends.

This blog started has a way to do something with my time during the lockdown while also sharing my opinions about the books I’ve read with the world. I hope to share with people my love for books while also helping them choose their next read.

I hope this blog helps you find new authors, books and people with whom to share your love for reading. I really do hope you enjoy my blog and that it leads you to your next romance read.

When I’m not bundled up reading or writing a review, I’m either playing design games, watching movies ( I hate tv series 🙈) or spending time with my family.

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