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Getting Through Your Ever Increasing TBR Pile

Being a book blogger, it’s not surprising that my TBR list is larger than most. With new books coming out every month it keeps getting longer and it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes I feel like the more I read the longer it gets. I am so happy that I read mostly ebooks because there probably wouldn’t have been any free surface in my house with how long my list is.

When my Tbr list or pile gets too large, it becomes a huge mess ( Even if you read with your device). One time I was so tired of how long it was I deleted every book on my TBR( crazy right?) I did regret it later. Now that I have a bit of experience I have learnt how to get through a really long TBR list.

Note: No matter what you do, you can never read every single book on your tbr ( based on my experience) because you will always add more to it.

Step 1: Reduce the number of books you add to your Tbr at a time. It really helps trust me. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Step 2: Organise your TBR list. Organisation is Key when you trying to get control over your growing TBR list. I organise mine by date and genre or trope.

Step 3: Make your TBR pile a priority. As a book blogger and reviewer my Tbr pile takes a back burner to books I have to review. But I handled It by creating a schedule where I read a book from my tbr in between my review books and this has helped so much.

Step 4: Create Two List. I did this so my head the list wouldn’t seem so long and daunting. I created a list for books I have to review and books I am reading strictly for pleasure. It works for me, you can use any format you choose.

With these four steps I took control of my Tbr list and I felt so much freer. You can tweak the steps to your liking because sometimes what works for me might not work for you. Just remember your TBR list is made to grow longer so don’t be scared when you have over 200 books on your TBR Happy Thursday guys and happy reading.

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